farmed animals

a downed cow dragged outside the barn, white-faced black Spanish hen in garden, piglets relaxing in the shady mud

Mameframe Photo's farmed animal collection includes images of goats, dairy cows, calves, sheep, pigs, chickens, Toggenburgs, Barbados BlackBelly, cow foot care, cows with cut tails, pygmy goats, kids, free-range laying hens; pastured meat chickens, Rhode Island Red, Cotswold lamb, pigs playing in the mud, pigs relaxing in the mud, pigs playing with a ball, Shetland cross sheep, herding sheep, Boer goats, Oberhasli, milking goats, meat goats, Ayrshire, Silver Phoenix rooster, chickens in garden, goats with coats,  Saanen, White-Faced Black Spanish Hen, Leghorn hybrid, White-Crested Black Polish, rooster crowing, downer cows, rotationally grazed dairy cattle, milking time, beef cattle, Brown Swiss, Holsteins, cattle on pasture, dairy cattle at water trough, cow foot, Hereford, Jersey, nipple feeder, Barbados Black Belly sheep, Cotswold sheep grazing, Shetland-Merino cross, Shetland, Suffolk ewe, Yorkshire Belted, French Alpine-Nubian buck, nanny with twins, goats in pasture, young bucks butting heads, swollen teat, White Americana rooster, roosters among the flowers, quail Antwerp Belgian pullet, portable chicken shelter, rooster crowing, pastured organic chickens, hooked up to milker, cleaning teats, escaping from flies, calves napping, trimming cow hooves, cow foot in need of trim, barbed wire, hog panels, calf huts, natural fly swatters, pre-milking clean-up, dairy cows in winter pasture, dairy cattle access to outdoors, domestic ducks, ducks in barnyard, nursing goat kids, calf hutches, beef calves in pasture, downed cow waiting for slaughter truck, chicken pecking and scratching, chicken crossing the lane, and more.

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