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Mameframe Photo's horse collection includes images of founder, laminitis, hoof trimming, horses in pasture, horse running, grazing, feeding, applying boots, veterinary care, deworming, abscess, rolling, bays, grays, bits, old, young, saddles, preparing medicine, trotting, trail rides, blue eyes, brown eyes, flies, manure piles, winter, summer, foggy pastures, maintaining pastures, using a haynet, soaking hay, mixing supplements, fly masks, foals, medicating, nail on shoes, Saddlebreds, Arabs, pony, stall care, shavings, Arab filly, old gray mare, halter class, dressage rider, stall door, dusty old saddle, Western saddle, stirrups, Quarter Horse, Appaloosas, spotted blanket, cavaletti practice, close-up of horse’s eye, furry ear, running filly, Saddlebred filly, newborn foal, draft horses, Belgian horse in wintry pasture, hammer, anvil and horseshoe, shaping a horseshoe, farrier trimming horse hoof, fly pests in horse eyes, fly predators on manure pile, fly mask on pony, pinto pony, horse rolling in dirt, horse lying down, horse in pasture, palomino, horse social behavior, companion grooming, Arab mare framed in red stall doorway, saddling up for trail ride, grooming horse, picking out hooves, snorty filly, newborn foal with mother, loading horse into trailer, trimming horse hoof, saddle rack, bridles, bits, halters, lead rope, picking out stalls, barn chores, English gear, riding attire, huntseat saddle, horseshoe, saddling up, adjusting stirrups, horse trotting, foundered hoof, laminitis, angry horse, giving medications, deworming, leading pony from pasture, horse feed, and more.

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