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images of a large tree and barbed wire fence coated in snow, grain ripening before a barn, storm clouds gathering in the country, fall colors reflected on the Fox River in Wisconsin

Mameframe Photo's tree collection includes images of transplanting trees, moving trees, planting trees, tree silhouettes in winter, autumn colors, spring colors, maple leaves, oak leaves, golden maple, autumn beauty, frost fringes on leaves, hoarfrost, frosted flowering crab fruits, stump grinding, tamarack, tart cherry tree, foggy woods, color changes, birch bark, sumac, oak trees, spruce, Colorado blue spruce, shelf fungus, tree fallen on building, snow-covered trees, apple tree, cherry tree, sawfly slug on leaf, erosion, Christmas tree, fall's colors, frost coatings, little leaf Linden, Colorado blue spruce, pine cones, tree spade, root balls, tree diggers, deciduous trees, grafting, scions, tree spade blades, pines, reflections, foggy path, maple leaves, oak leaf, winter frost, icy coatings, silver maple, Norway maple, apple trees, tree pests, cherry tree, fruit tree blossoms, birch bark, pine cones, crabapple, golden maple tree, tree line, lichens on tree trunk, colorful fall paths, oak leaves, pine, spruce, tree fungus, tree removal, fallen tree, tree damage to building, tree roots, leaf impressions, leaf floating down stream, and more.

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